Our Quality Policy

Our Mission

Providing diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and chest diseases under modern science, technology and ethical values with high-level medical services and training courses.

Our Goal (Vision)

Providing patients with the privilege of treatment in a leading and respected health institution.

And give its employees the honor and happiness of this privilege.

Quality and Compliance Policies

Without sacrificing our core values;

We are constantly monitoring national and international developments in the health field, and we plan our future in line with the changing circumstances and contribute to our proposals in the health policies of our country.

  • We apply the standards of the modern world in a system through which we can provide error-free service.
  • We create a happy and proud environment for our employees and create a sense of belonging.
  • We train doctors who closely follow and use contemporary technology and developments and who have experience in Turkey and abroad.
  • We are constantly improving our services by assessing the quality of our services, the satisfaction of our patients, their suggestions and complaints.
  • We accept the teaching and continuing learning mechanisms that we create as a responsibility to our employees.
  • The basis of our understanding of operation and management; communication, team spirit, coordination, direction and patient-oriented organization.