Discharged Information

Patients applying for the discharge procedure must first bring a letter from the doctor that they are discharged.

The epicrisis, ICD-10 Diagnosis Code and anjio report, to ensure complete entry of services and materials provided to the patient to be discharged. In case of deficiency, you should complete the deficiency and discharge.

Both the provision and detail information of the patient are checked on the application screen.

Deficiencies are completed. After the documents of the documented patients are completed, a copy of the documents is delivered to the application documents service. The other copy is given to the patient.

In the discharge of paid patients, the patient's financing is taken into account and the billing service is contacted and the patient is discharged. Patients with payment difficulties are directed to the check bill.

For orphans, a document  is filled in from social services and delivered to the billing service.

The discharged report is given to the patients who are discharged from the hospital service.

For patients who leave the hospital without the exit permit, the necessary documents must be sent to the billservice.

After discharge for the deceased patients, the Death Notification Form is filled in by the attending Physician and the patient is given a copy.

All the documents of the patients coming out of the emergency are taken from the responsible employee, if there is any shortage, the deficiencies will be completed and notified to the billing department.

The files of all patients who are discharged are written in the archive book and delivered to the archive for signature.