Hospitalization Procedures


Patients who want to be examined in our hospital can make an appointment through the Central Hospital Appointment System (phone number 182) or via the internet. Except for emergencies, patients without an appointment are not examined. After completing the registration procedures, the patient arriving at the appointment time is examined in the relevant outpatient clinic in accordance with the appointment time. Some of the examinations are requested by the doctor after can be performed on the same day, but there are some  exams that  need appointments such as echo and effort.

The hospitalization of the patients who need to be treated is made by the outpatient clinic employees and the patient is directed to the hospitalization officer procedures to establish a service connection and bed-setting procedures.

Treatments Made Through Social Security

Social Security Patients

Provision is provided with Turkish identification numbers for patients who are members of the Social Security Corporation.

A provision that belongs to the patient is taken and gss tracking number is given.

The Patients Without Social Security

1. Patients who do not have a  social security who apply to our hospital, but do not have the ability to pay, are admitted to our hospital in a paid condition. However, for private patients (under the age of 18, by sudden,  like emergency), the application is implemented through the relevant provisions of the SSI.

2. Patients who apply to our hospital and who do not have the ability to pay or social security,  can apply to the county governor who they belong to with the "To Whom It May Concern" letter they receive from the hospital if it is needed to stay at the hospital after the first examination. (These procedures are performed by the patient relatives, if there are no relatives, the hospital social workers using the consultation documents can do this mission.)

3. According to the result of the research conducted by the governorate of the region, if the patient is in a position to obtain a green card, the green card procedures are completed. If the patient is unable to remove the green card, a patient's diagnostic certificate is given for the governor of the region to fill in, the necessary fees for the form are filled in the hospital, and the patient fee problem is resolved.

Orphans and Needy Patients

1. When sick, needy, or homeless come to the hospital, the applications will be applied to a social services specialist.

2. The social service worker will provide the necessary support in contact with the dispatch document officers with all problems related wage.

Private Insurance

1. Private insured patients make an appointment by phone before coming to our hospital. A private insured patients should get a photocopy of the insurance card when he come. Then they come to the private insurance unit and register.

2. After registration, the completed forms are sent by the attending physician. The patient fills out the forms and signs their sections. Then you go to the clinic and get a preview. After examining the doctor, he will be asked to do some tests. After completing the tests, the patient comes to the private insurance department.

3. acopy of everything that was done to the patient is made and kept. In the last stage, before the patient leaves, insurance is called and a provision is taken. After the application process, the patient pays the percentage share that he must pay. Receive his receipt. The receipt photocopy is taken . The patient's invoice is issued. Along with the patient's bill, all documents are sent to the insurance unite.

4. For the couchant patient. If there is an anjio or surgery condition, the doctor fills out the request form. The acceptance is given to the patient. The patient fills and signs the form. The patient is registered. Theinsurance card is copied. A copy of the doctor request paper, the patient acceptance form  and the photocopy of card is put together and faxed to the insurance unite. Then the insurance approval is obtained.

5. The patient in the hospital. before 1 hour of leaving the hospital , he prepares all the documents in his file. he also brings an angio or epicrisis report written by the doctor. The bills and insurance is sent via fax 2 times . approval is obtained. The Insurance unite gives consent if it covers the patient's expenses. The patient check out is done. In the final stage, the invoice, confirmation paper, and other documents are sent to the insurance unite.